Phonolith – Software Sampler

Software sampler instrument for AmigaOS 4. Download from Further development was canceled, don’t expect updates. Anyway the source code is available under GPL on GitHub.

  • downmixing to AIFF file
  • receives MIDI notes through camd.library
  • mixer unit with non-linear volume/panning controls and peak meters
  • 16 different instruments at once
  • ADSR amp envelope (non-linear decay and release curves) for each instrument
  • unlimited number of samples for each instrument, for key and velocity ranges
  • supports AIFF and WAVE sample format (only 16 bit)
  • imports Logic EXS24 instruments (PPC and Intel format)
  • ReAction GUI
  • application.library support (for saving settings and registering Phonolith as application)
  • connection to Horny 1.3 for automatic project loading
  • AmiUpdate support
  • locale.library support
2006-2008 Applications