What is Inutilis?


Inutilis was supposed to be a giant creative company producing all kind of stuff with its origins in video games, music and films. Well, it didn’t work out.
It’s just me making things for me, and sometimes there are friends involved. That’s nice! I worked in the video games industry and this is not what I want. Actually I don’t like any industry. So what is Inutilis now? It’s the name for anything I want to make!

The name Inutilis exists since 1996, before there was Scum and CUT and probably more. I decided to put everything on inutilis.com now, it’s kind of my full life portfolio!

Anyway, I still have to earn some money, so I work as a freelance programmer: www.timokloss.com



Timo inutilis com
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Barcelona, on the mountain

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